Adaptive coolant lubricant emulsion

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01 «Atlantic Lanson»®

«Atlantic Lanson»® adaptive coolant lubricant emulsions are used in metal processing of ferrous, alloyed and non-ferrous metals, structural steels:

  • milling;
  • drilling;
  • sawing;
  • grinding;
  • turning / blade cutting;
  • boring and other cutting modes;
  • can be used in high precision equipment.

  • Profitability. Reduce the consumption of cutting fluid by 2-4 times.
  • Long service life. Product can be used for long-term operations and has a shelf life up to 1 year.
  • High speed of preparation. Does not require additional mechanical stirring.
  • High lubricating properties. Increase tool resilience by 100%.
  • They have a proven cleaning effect, including for highly contaminated systems.
  • Guaranteed to not cause foaming, microbiological damage and ammonia odor.
  • Compatible with other types of coolant lubricants.

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01 «Atlantic Lanson»®
5 times
Reduced coolant concentration.
≈ pH 8.5
the pH level ensures that high-value machine parts will be saved.
up to 1 year
Verified during round-the-clock operations.
02 Technologies and solutions

We are familiar with many coolant technologies.

To obtain high-quality emulsions, we adapt to various production methods: automatic, mechanical and manual.

Universal coolants are used in the form of aqueous emulsions prepared by adding concentrate to water. Recommended working concentrations in the range of 1-10%. Regardless of the quality of the water and its hardness, we will select the best composition and guarantee a stable quality of coolant.

Based on the result of monitoring the quality of the coolant, we will determine the technological timing of replacement and updating of the system.

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03 Composition «​Atlantiс Lanson»

The lubricant coolant is an emulsol concentrate based on a balanced mixture of high-quality hydrotreated and naphthenic oils with the addition of a package of functional additives. The additive package provides the unique characteristics and versatility of «Atlantiс Lanson»®.

Element 1
Effective additives with active surfactant groups of wetting agents and antifoam agents. They improve operational properties and extend the life of the coolant.
Element 2
High quality oil with a package of emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors and biocides. They increase the speed of emulsification, corrosion protection and resistance to bacteria.
Element 3
Pack of lubricating and extreme pressure additives. Improves the surface finish and reduces wear on the cutting tool.
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04 Laboratory testing
04 Laboratory testing
10-point Coolant Rating Scale

The laboratory of the «Rossilber» Company® has developed its own risk map and methodology for the selection of coolant for various metal processing processes.

To select the composition of the coolant and predict risks, we:

  • use a methodology that allows us to consistently evaluate the composition of the coolant on a 10-point scale;
  • carry out tests in more than 20 parameters, including compliance with Russian Government GOST standards;
  • check our base, consisting of more than 50 individual compounds with various preservation and lubricating properties.

Through in-depth analysis, we can anticipate the aging of the coolant as a result of biological contamination and determine the potential for increasing the efficiency of metal processing by preventing microbiological contamination.

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