Flocculants and coagulants

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01 «​Atlantic Barque»

«Atlantic Barque»® flocculants and coagulants are intended for clarification, condensation and dehydration of industrial wastewater during water treatment:

  • water circulating systems of metallurgical plants (wastewater treatment plant)
  • treatment facilities of mining processing combines (radial / horizontal sedimentation tanks, neutralization stations, flocculators);
  • waste water from Downstream refineries (deep dehydration and desalination of oil);
  • waste waters of Upstream oil companies.
  • Stable cleaning efficiency up to 100 % at low water temperatures and a wide pH range.
  • Low specific consumption (up to 0.01 %).
  • Increase the operating time of bulk filters by 3-5 times.
  • Efficiently thickens sludge, forming a high-quality dehydrated sludge.
  • Easy to dissolve and prepare when diluted in water.
  • Fulfills MPC standards for reservoirs of fishery and household use.
  • Does not change the pH of the purified water (depending on the nature of the coagulants).
  • A wide selection of reagent modifications (for different types of pollution).
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01 «​Atlantic Barque»
min 0.01 %
Low dosages of reagents.
Rapid water tests
Allow you to effectively customize any process.
Government approved
Fulfills MPC standards for water reservoirs.
02 Technologies and solutions

We provide technical service for water purification technologies directly at the Customer’s facilities.We are responsible for the result, and therefore, in order to meet the requirements for water treatment using reagents of precipitating and clarifying effects, we:

  • analyze water quality by express methods;
  • adjust reagent processing and monitor its effectiveness;
  • install reagent preparation stations at bypass or main sections of treatment facilities;
  • equip the line with additional installations using membrane, ion-exchange technologies or ultra-filtration depending on the requirements.
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03 Composition «​Atlantic Barque»

Flocculants have cationic, anionic and neutral properties with different molecular weights.

The coagulant is also available in the form of several brands, depending on the presence of inorganic and organic components in the composition.

The mechanism of action of reagents:

  1. acceleration of the process of collision and aggregation of the smallest particles of dispersed systems into larger coagulation structures;
  2. the formation of insoluble particles floating on the surface due to surface tension forces or dropping down due to gravitational forces.
Element 1
Acrylamide-based polymer and copolymer (anionic / cathode type).
Element 2
Concentrate based on water soluble inorganic salts.
Element 3
High molecular weight cationic water-soluble polymer with a linear cyclic structure. It is characterized by high cationic charge and molecular weight - from 10 thousand to 1 million.
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04 Laboratory testing
04 Laboratory testing
We monitor the effectiveness of water clarification

After monitoring the results of metallurgical plant water treatment centers, flocculants reduce pollution of:

  • suspended particles by 90 %;
  • calcium by 80 %;
  • iron by 99 %;
  • zinc by 90 %;
  • manganese by 70 %;

The result of the reagent treatment of mine water of a mining processing combinewas the reduction of heavy metals by 91-99 %, achieving a level of purity which fulfills Russian Government MPC standards for reservoirs of fishery and household use.

The result of using the «Atlantic Barque»® flocculant to purify the pickling sludge of a metallurgical plant, achieved a 98-99 % reduction in the amount of iron, manganese, copper, chromium and zinc.

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05 Company

The company's specialists have tested harmless ways to clarify water.In the basic solution, water clarification is carried out by reagent treatment with coagulants and flocculants. Further, the process was supplemented by chemical oxidation units.

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