Penetrating waterproofing sealer

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01 «​Atlantic Corvette»®

For waterproofing the entire thickness of concrete and reinforced concrete structures at the concreting stage:

  • to protect concrete from capillary penetration of moisture and enhance the water-repellent properties of the mono
  • to impart frost resistance and resistance to aggressive environments (gas, water-salt and biological corrosion);
  • for primary protection of hardening concrete and saving secondary protection of the structure (coating, gluing and other types of waterproofing).

Types of concrete structures using «Atlantic Corvette»®:

  • civil and industrial construction objects;
  • hydraulic structures (treatment facilities, tanks, port facilities);
  • tunnels (utilities, hydraulic, metro);
  • viaducts, bridges;
  • water utility facilities.

01 «​Atlantic Corvette»®
02 Product advantages
02 Product advantages
Provides waterproofing penetrating by blocking pores
  • Penetrates into the pore structure of concrete, interacts with the components of hardening cement.
  • Reduces the permeability of the porous structure of concrete.
  • It prevents the absorption of water under pressure due to capillary forces.
  • Forms non-wettable surfaces.
  • After the formation of the structure, it blocks the internal capillaries.
  • Prolongs the hydrophobic effect.
  • Changes the porosity characteristics of concrete and improves water resistance, water absorption, frost resistance, corrosion resistance and strength.
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