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01 «Atlantic Velbot​»®
Manage quality without patches.

Now you can use your own product in all spraying technologies, achieving incredible quality for roads with both low and high traffic intensity, create an economical waterproof wear layer with a significantly improved surface texture, and get the opportunity to produce sealing anti-aging compositions stored in emulsion-mineral mixtures or patching by jet-injection method.

Emulsifiers are used for polymer-bitumen emulsions, provide better enveloping and strong adhesion between bitumen and stone material during the decay and evaporation of water.In terms of stability, they cannot be beat, and the resulting emulsions resist creaming and precipitation during transportation. A large number of dusty and clay particles on stone material is not an obstacle when working with emulsions.

01 «Atlantic Velbot​»®
02 Product advantages
02 Product advantages
The secret - the molecular formula of the emulsifier.

«Atlantic Velbot»® emulsifiers are a powerful formulation of thousands of molecules that work in favor of the quality and decay rate of the emulsion. The molecules reduce the energy used to create a surface area between bitumen and water. They can control the viscosity, making it high or medium, depending on the nature of the binder used. The product is effectively distributed in the emulsion and coalesces upon decomposition, and if the emulsion is mixed with stone material, it is quickly adsorbed on the surface, creating a strong adhesive effect. It has a high-class and reactive mechanism.

03 Company

The «Rossilber»® Company produced polymer-bitumen binders (PBB) — at various asphalt plants in Bashkortostan which were used in Ufa, on the M5 highway of the Samara-Ufa-Chelyabinsk Road Directorate, on the Ufa-Beloretsk road section using various PBB grades satisfying Russian Government standards GOST and PNST as well as the internal client requirements.

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