Technical consulting

01 Consulting goals

Effective Solutions

Jointly develop and implement innovative solutions with the Customer that increase manufacturing efficiency, production line capacity, and product quality.

Economic Savings

Design a «Rossilber» service program that completely prevents technological risks and reduces production costs.

Environmental Protection

Introduce technologies that strictly conform to the labor and environmental policy of the customer.

02 Consulting steps
Analysis and Diagnostics

«An analyst is always inventive, while not every inventive person is capable of analysis ...» - Edgar Allan Poe

We analyze and diagnose the customer’s problem using technical, physical, chemical, and mathematical methods. We examine all relevant information and environments pertaining to the industrial facility.

In order to simulate the process in our laboratories and find the best engineering solution, our technical specialists:

  • collect samples from customer facilities
  • analyze technical information about the process
  • put forward hypotheses and take facts into account;
  • identify significant technological risk factors;
  • substantiate problems and determine the solution vector;

Our highest priority is an active dialogue between companies including: technologists, engineers, and scientific personnel.

Research and Modeling

«He who does not investigate the movement of his thoughts cannot be happy» - Marcus Aurelius

At this stage, information and knowledge about the essence of the problem forms the basis of many creative experiments. We consider a correct and highly professional model to only be 50 % successful. The rest comes from its scalability and real-world application.

The model is ideal under two conditions:

  • if the know-how from laboratory research transitions into real industrial production
  • if secrets gleaned from the test tube become the driving force of the customer’s production line.

Talent, intelligence, and skillful hands never rest, but are constantly searching for improved formulas and technology.

Product / Technology Testing

«Life is a severe test, and the hardest thing is the first hundred years» - Wilson Mizner

The test phase is used to evaluate the resiliency and effectiveness of the company’s products on-site and according to the Customer’s criteria. We confirm the possibility of using the product at the facility and evaluate the potential of the proposed technologies.

Our procedure for this phase is as follows:

  • operate and maintain the industrial facility at the time of testing;
  • determine the product efficiency at the specified consumption and settings;
  • technical documentation, consulting, and technology optimization based on the test results.
Service and Engineering

«People buy trust before they buy goods.» - Mark Stevens

The service phase involves close cooperation with the Customer and mutually beneficial consulting. As a result, professionals can propose technological changes and achieve the targeted improvements for their companies.

Customer process improvement is reached through:

  • partnerships with engineering companies to provide equipment for specialized Customer production lines;
  • our own chemical plants, focusing on flexibility and alternative solutions as a guarantee of successfully implementing innovative technologies;
  • technical and engineering support of the Customer facilities and consultations available 24/7;

We attract expert knowledge and experience, adapt new technologies and techniques!
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