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01 «​Atlantic Frigate»​®

«Atlantic Frigate»® thermoplastics are intended as horizontal marking of pavements and marking material:

  • for highways and carriageways of city streets;
  • for federal highways;
  • for roads with asphalt concrete and cement concrete pavement;
  • for marking parking lots;
  • for airfields;
  • for road crossings and bus stops.
  • Stable adhesion to the canvas up to 3 years in a temperature difference from minus 40 °C to plus 35 °C.
  • Increased durability in conditions of high traffic of more than 2,000 cars / h.
  • Increased resistance to abrasion by abrasive by 15 %.
  • Unique compositions of thermoplastics with the possibility of modifications to specific requirements.
  • Non-waste application technology.
  • Quick-curing compound in 7 minutes.
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01 «​Atlantic Frigate»​®
3 years
Service life.
For safer travel.
Light reflection
More than 900 m.
02 Technologies and solutions

When using «Atlantic Frigate»® thermoplastics, a more intense color marking is formed and a coating resistant to chalking at high ambient temperatures.

  • Thermoplastic in the form of a granular mixture melts at a temperature of 190-210 °C with constant stirring.
  • The application of molten thermoplastics is carried out mechanized using special marking equipment or manually using plastic markers.
  • To obtain the maximum retroreflective effect, freshly applied markings are filled with glass beads 400-1,200 microns in size.
  • The surface of the glass beads is treated with hydrophobic compounds, which gives the stability of the coating in the off-season.
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03 Composition «​Atlantic Frigate»​®

The product is a hot-melt bulk mixture of polymer binders, mineral fillers and functional additives.

After heating, kneading and cooling, the mixture is converted into a thick-layer solid continuous polymer coating.

Element 1
Polymer binders based on synthetic resins, film former and wax.
Element 2
A package of functional additives from a plasticizer-softener, pigments and glass microbeads.
Element 3
Balanced filler based on quartz sand, calcium carbonate and kaolin.
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04 Laboratory testing
04 Laboratory testing
Enamels of «​Atlantic Frigat»® brands comply with European standards and Russian Government standards (GOST/ГОСТ).

The «Rossilber»® road laboratory is one of the few in the country that has implemented ultramodern specialized installations for testing full-cycle coatings.

This laboratory complex allows our specialists to test the marking material with various destructive factors: natural or man-made.

As a result, before the launch of the premium product on the market, our researchers predict:

  • ways to improve thermoplastics formulations depending on the climatic conditions of individual regions,
  • advantages or disadvantages of marking materials in relation to technical properties, such as resistance to wear during braking or studs, cyclic loads, temperature changes and moisture, all that road marking is subjected to under natural operating conditions.

All of our expertise will be at your service.

05 Company

The «Rossilber»® Company produced polymer-bitumen binders (PBB) — at various asphalt plants in Bashkortostan which were used in Ufa, on the M5 highway of the Samara-Ufa-Chelyabinsk Road Directorate, on the Ufa-Beloretsk road section using various PBB grades satisfying Russian Government standards GOST and PNST as well as the internal client requirements.

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