Lubricants for hot and cold stamping

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01 «​Atlantic Lanson»

«Atlantic Lanson»® process lubricants are used in pressure processing operations of steel and non-ferrous metal alloys (titanium, copper, nickel):

  • pressure treatment processes: hot, semi-hot, volumetric (for lubricating molds);
  • stamping / forging production (in stamping on presses, hammers and automatic lines);
  • press / forging;
  • for continuous casting processes of aluminum;
  • pipe production (for continuous rolling, upsetting and bending of seamless pipes);
  • deep drawing, extrusion, drawing (when pulling molybdenum and tungsten filaments for incandescent lamps);
  • can be used for forgings in the aerospace, automotive and medical industries.
  • No sedimentation. Does not clog nozzles/narrow passages.
  • The force is reduced by 15-50 % during shaping (at high relative loads and production speeds).
  • Reduces manufacturing cycle times.
  • Reduces tool wear (3 time reduction of hot-temperature cracks).
  • Provides excellent removal of forgings.
  • Reduces the amount of defects due to improved filling of prints.
  • The product is suitable for use in any lubrication system (airless or immersion).
  • A universal product for a wide range of technological parameters (including for long and complex operations).
  • Smokeless, non-flammable and without an ammonia odor. Does not contain oil.
  • It does not pollute the working area and meets the requirements of hygiene and safety.
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01 «​Atlantic Lanson»
30 %
Increase in tool service life.
20 %
Decrease in lubricant consumption.
15 solutions
To increase your effectiveness.
02 Technologies and solutions

We use our knowledge to increase the wetting ability of the deformation tool at high and low stamping temperatures.

Before applying the lubricant, we gradually consider the conditions of pressure treatment:

  • the complexity of the operation;
  • friction reducing conditions;
  • parameters of metal flow and product formation without scoring and setting;
  • the presence of growth on the edges of the molds;
  • product form requirements and marriage statistics;
  •  dilution factor with water (depending on the complexity of the process).

We will carry out all the optimal settings of the process using ultramodern devices. We are always ready to give advice to achieve a technical result!

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03 Composition «​Atlantic Lanson»

All of our elements bring lightness to heavy industry.They work under a pressure of 10 tons, where at a temperature of thousands of degrees the shaping of metal products takes place. The force and temperature carry in themselves excessive destructive energy, which crushes the grain of the crystallite workpiece.Our multimolecular structures turn destructive activity into useful work, and the alloy begins to flow.

Element 1
Aqueous dispersion of layered and fine-grained components. Facilitates the flow of metal with a balance of adhesive and wetting additives.
Element 2
Saline based release agent. Creates a lubricant layer barrier at 500 °C.
Element 3
Polymer adhesive. Glues all elements into a single boundary layer with a heated metal surface.
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04 Laboratory testing
04 Laboratory testing
We scientifically confirm every solution that suits the consumer.

Intensive research and development projects with institutes in the field supplement our knowledge of selecting the most effective lubricants:

  • <300 °C

Lubricants completely and uniformly wet the surface of engravings and form a lubricating layer with maximum effect.

  • <500 °C

Lubricants have high thermal and antioxidant stability.

  • <1,000 °C or more

The use of lubricants in extremely high temperature ranges as tribological compositions is noted.

All of our expertise will be at your service.

05 Company

The possibility of using «Atlantic Lanson»® lubricants on Schuler hydraulic presses has been proven.

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