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01 «​Atlantic Brig»®

Plasticizers are used in the manufacture of monolithic and prefabricated reinforced concrete products and structures from heavy or lightweight concrete for various purposes:

  • for the production of extra-strong concrete of various grades, including the M400 grade;
  • for self-leveling bulk floors and screeds;
  • for special formulations of building mixtures based on Portland cement;
  • for highly mobile (cast) mortar and concrete mixtures;
  • for repair compounds;
  • in the production of ordinary concrete, prestressed structures of heavy concrete of classes B15-B40 and high-strength heavy concrete of classes B45 and above;
  • in the manufacture of lightweight concrete structures on porous aggregates of classes B7.5 and higher;
  • in the manufacture of constructions of fine-grained concrete of classes B10 and higher.
01 «​Atlantic Brig»®
02 Product advantages
02 Product advantages
  • Antifreeze and plasticizing effect.
  • Have a summer / winter forms.
  • The consistency, plasticity (workability) of the solutions, their setting characteristics, and the kinetics of the set of strength are regulated.
  • Used to reduce the freezing temperature of water, keeping the mixing water in the liquid state necessary for the hydration reaction to proceed.
  • Economic savings.
  • Ensures hardening of concrete in conditions of negative temperatures up to –25 °C.
  • Does not freeze during storage at low temperatures.
  • Does not reduce the viability of the concrete mix.
  • Reduces the required time for electric heating.
  • Reduces the duration of mixing mortar mixtures.
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