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01 «​Atlantic Frigate»​®

«Atlantic Frigate»® enamels are used for road marking:

  • heavy-duty public roads;
  • road surfaces (asphalt, asphalt concrete, cement concrete, etc.);
  • coatings on the territory of aerodromes;
  • industrial concrete floors;
  • vehicle parking facilities;
  • tennis courts;
  • other surfaces with pedestrian traffic;
  • markup renovation.
  • Quickly dries in 5 minutes.
  • The marking has a service life of up to 1 year.
  • Resistance to atmospheric influences - direct sunlight, sharp temperature drops, the influence of rain and snow.
  • Easy to clean, nozzles do not clog.
  • Increased strength and wear resistance to wheel studs.
  • Good wettability of the sheet and adhesion to bitumen and gravel.
  • Resistance to road reagents.
  • Stable storage for more than 12 months.
  • Compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements.
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01 «​Atlantic Frigate»​®
5 minutes
Quick drying of the markings after application.
Less than 20 %
Lower emission of flying components and odor. Better visibility at night.
Up to 1 year
Service life of the road marking.
02 Technologies and solutions
  • The effectiveness of the technology is reflected in the simplicity and ease of use of our materials.
  • Marking paints «Atlantic Frigate»® are applied by road marking machines: airless spraying machines or spray guns under the influence of compressed air.
  • The optimum consumption of enamels was achieved within 400-500 g / m2 for the Russian road category 1B, (designated highways).
  • Marking is carried out in a different range of air temperatures from 5 to 40 ° C and high relative humidity up to 85 %.
  • Specialists recommended micro glass beads of fractions from 100 to 600 microns with a flow rate of 350-450 g / m2 for retroreflection of road markings in the dark.

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03 Composition «​Atlantic Frigate»​®

The material was developed taking into account a set of requirements for the physical, mechanical, and optical properties of road markings.

«Atlantic Frigate»® paints are a suspension of pigments in a solution of a film-forming substance with the introduction of functional additives, which forms a durable film (up to 300 microns thick) due to the self-structuring mechanism.

Element 1
Binder component based on copolymer resins and plasticizers. Increases strength and durability.
Element 2
Opaque pigment with the necessary content of titanium dioxide. Provides high color fastness.
Element 3
Highly volatile diluents with coalescing agents. Promotes quick drying.
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04 Laboratory testing
04 Laboratory testing
Enamels of «​Atlantic Frigate»® brands comply with European standards and Russian Government standards (GOST).

We have developed our own marking paint formulations. For comparison, we use the best brands of marking paints from various manufacturers.The quality of marking paint «Atlantic Frigate»® is strictly confirmed by testing using our bench devices:

  • abrasimeter for checking the abrasion resistance of the coating;
  • artificial weather chamber for assessing temperature operating conditions;
  • salt fog chamber for assessing resistance to climatic factors;
  • aging devices for evaluating the life of a marking;
  • Prall stud wear simulator.

All of our expertise will be at your service.

05 Company

The «Rossilber»® Company produced polymer-bitumen binders (PBB) — at various asphalt plants in Bashkortostan which were used in Ufa, on the M5 highway of the Samara-Ufa-Chelyabinsk Road Directorate, on the Ufa-Beloretsk road section using various PBB grades satisfying Russian Government standards GOST and PNST as well as the internal client requirements.

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