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01 «Atlantic Velbot​​»®

«Atlantic Velbot»® adhesive additives are the most powerful thermostable additives to bitumen increasing the viscidity of the binder. To create them, we took as the basis the effect of cationic surfactants and completely changed its chemical structure. As a result, the same dosing limits were reached up to 0,1 %, an increase in the estimated service life of asphalt pavements and the versatility of application for various technologies. Due to the environmentally friendly nature of the of adhesive additives, they have become more preferable to cationic surfactants. The Result? The «Atlantic Velbot»® low-dose additive with great potential.

«Atlantic Velbot»® can improve the economic efficiency of road works by improving quality in the long run. The use of thermostable adhesive additives in the formulation leads to a slight increase (1 %) in the stability of the asphalt concrete. At the same time, extending the service life of by 1 year is already enough to save 15 %.

«Atlantic Velbot»® is an incredibly reliable way to save money while maintaining quality.

01 «Atlantic Velbot​​»®
02 Product advantages
02 Product advantages

The «Atlantic Velbot»® adhesive additive is not just a popular and universal adhesive additive, it is the next step in the development of thermostable molecules

The chemical structure consists of individual and pure components. At various temperatures of use, mobility, and low viscosity of the liquid are maintained. The shade itself indicates the environmental friendliness and biodegradability of the additive. «Atlantic Velbot»® adhesion additives are used with dosages of 0,15-0,4 % in a bitumen consumable tank during bitumen circulation or at the moment of injection of a bitumen binder into an asphalt mixing plant.Pre-heating the product drum and mixing is not required!

«Atlantic Velbot»® not only provides high efficiency and economic savings, but also environmental friendliness, which is also important! Due to its special formula and production technology, it is suitable for use in industrial detergent formulations.

03 Company

The «Rossilber»® Company produced polymer-bitumen binders (PBB) — at various asphalt plants in Bashkortostan which were used in Ufa, on the M5 highway of the Samara-Ufa-Chelyabinsk Road Directorate, on the Ufa-Beloretsk road section using various PBB grades satisfying Russian Government standards GOST and PNST as well as the internal client requirements.

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