Lubricants for wheel rolling production

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01 «​Atlantic Lanson»

«Atlantic Lanson»® - lubricants based on graphite water dispersion.

The product is specially designed for use in the deep stamping of railway wheels on SMS-Eumuco, Shuler, etc. press-rolling lines for:

  • pressing;
  • stamping and rolling;
  • calibration of the rough wheel.

Due to the balance of lubricating and separating properties, it is recommended in complex pressure processing operations: hammers and presses (crank or forging).

It can be used for processing aluminum and copper alloys and for the production of large forgings.

  • Increase the resilience of the deformation tool on the molding press with a force of 9-10 ton-forces by 25 %.
  • Facilitate good engraving filling, improve the degree of caliber filling by 6,7 %.
  • Reduce the amount of return of wheels for machining by 10,4 % and defect in geometry by 2 times.
  • Prevent setting and accelerate stamping up to 40 sec / cycle.
  • Lack of odors and air pollution in the work zone.
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01 «​Atlantic Lanson»
2.5 time
Increase tool resiliency.
50 %
Reduction of the consumption coefficient.
14 varieties
Individual formulas for specific customer conditions.
02 Technologies and solutions

Lubricants are diluted with water and applied using robotic spray systems.

We adjust the thickness and uniformity of the lubricating layer through:

  • suspension density;
  • tuning sprayers and nozzles;
  • changes in air pressure.

At the same time, our engineering of the press-rolling line, the stamp steel material, and the conditions for applying the lubricant to the stamps allows you to effectively:

  • optimize lubricant consumption;
  • increase tool resiliency to deformations.
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03 Composition «​Atlantic Lanson»

The product is based on hexagonal graphite, in which the atoms are in a strict arrangement, while the lubricants differ in the selected ratio of fractions of solid particles. The use of various components to improve the tribological properties makes it possible to control the layering and uniformity of the coating in the wetting zone of the stamp, which in turn provides a protective effect.

Element 1
Colloidal dispersion of hexagonal graphite in water with a selected ratio of fractions.
Element 2
Active release agents to increase tribological properties.
Element 3
Surfactants for wetting a heated die in a deformation zone.
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04 Laboratory testing
04 Laboratory testing

Our studies of the tribological properties of various «Atlantic Lanson»® lubricant formulations under model conditions make it possible to predict the possibility of increasing the resistance of a deformation tool depending on:

  • shear resistance;
  • adhesion of the lubricant to the surface due to the affinity for the metal;
  • cohesiveness and delamination of the lubricating film at the time of deformation;
  • orientation of the direction of longitudinal shear forces;
  • plastic fluidity of the lubricant (anisotropic lubricant).

All of our expertise will be at your service.

05 Company

By modifying the lubricating technology, we use professional and technical resources for the sole purpose of increasing the productivity of press-rolling lines.

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