Epoxy internal flow coating for pipelines

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01 «​Atlantic Frigate»

«Atlantic Frigate»® internal coatings are used in the production of large-diameter pipes (oil and gas pipelines) with a smooth coating for:

  • internal isolation;
  • paint lines with single-layer airless application;
  • ensuring warranty periods during storage and transportation of pipelines.
  • A smooth and mechanically strong coating with a roughness of up to 10 microns.
  • Dry residue above 90%.
  • After drying, an excellent adhesion up to 1 point.
  • Technological at different temperatures, do not form a precipitate.
  • Form a flexible coating resistant to chemicals and organic solvents.
  • Eliminate the formation of defects: porosity, sagging, swelling of the film, peeling, cracks.
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01 «​Atlantic Frigate»
20 %
Increase in throughput capacity of gas pipelines.
Less than 10 microns
Surface roughness, regulated by particle size.
3 years
The payback period associated with applying an internal flow coating.
02 Technologies and solutions

Smooth coating technologies consists of three main functions that we improve by refining the coating composition:

  • protective functions and corrosion resistance of the coating are regulated by resin compositions and ratios of two components;
  • smoothness of the inner surface of the pipe is regulated by the degree of dispersion of the paint and grinding technology;
  • the effectiveness of paint work is regulated by the rheology and viscosity of the two components.
We managed to create bench models for preparing the surface of pipes and applying paint to metal samples.We carefully achieve high-tech painting and increase the productivity of drying lines.
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03 Composition «​Atlantic Frigate»

It is a dual-pack system with components A and B. The lifetime after mixing is regulated by temperature (20-40 ° C) and ranges from 10 to 60 minutes. Inorganic finely ground substances with high opacity and chemical resistance are selected as pigments. The composition contains additives and surfactants that contribute to good spreading, wetting of the substrate, eliminate the effects of crater formation, Benard cells and the "orange peel” effect.

Element 1
Component A consists of the mixed ratio of bisphenols with different chain lengths and the optimum degree of crystallization.
Element 2
Component B consists of the mixed ratio of amines and polyphenols curing at room temperature.
Element 3
The solvent is selected so as to effectively reduce the viscosity of component A and provide good spreadability in the substrate
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04 Laboratory testing
04 Laboratory testing
Our materials comply with the Gazprom STO 2-2.2-180-2007 standard.

We have our own extensive experience in the development of 2-component epoxy compounds for smooth coating of pipes.

  • In pursuit of quality indicators, we conducted more than 3,000 experimental tests and developed the R&D design for smooth paints.
  • We examined up to 100 risks that pipe plants face and focused on:
  • involuntary growth of pore defects;
  • dependence of line efficiency on the curing process;
  • the effect of surface preparation on roughness defects.
  • We use bench devices that simulate a variety of technologies - from shot blasting to drying coatings. This evaluates the potential of all paint formulations.
  • We predict the kinetics of the curing process in the conditions of a pipe manufacturer.

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