Corrosion and sediment inhibitors

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01 «​Atlantic Barque»​®
  • Cooling and heat supply systems of open and closed type;
  • Serving water purification centers of metallurgical and other industrial facilities (cooling of blast furnaces and converters, gas purification, continuous casting machines, water supply workshops, water treatment plants, water conduits, pumping stations, wastewater treatment workshop);  
  • Non-closed systems in water purification centers.

Recommendations for use:

  • when exceeding the level of make-up and purge water or an increase in the volume of contaminated wastewater;
  • with internal corrosion of equipment, reduced throughput, reduced heat transfer and a significant increase in energy consumption;
  • with a high background content of iron, zinc, aluminum in water;
  • when deposits form on contact surfaces.
01 «​Atlantic Barque»​®
02 Product advantages
02 Product advantages
  • Protect water cooling and heat supply systems from corrosion and deposits of mineral salts.
  • Protect the working metal surfaces of the equipment from the development of corrosion in the aquatic environment by adsorption on the metal with the formation of a monomolecular film.
  • Scaling is controlled by inhibiting the crystallization of sparingly soluble salts and inhibiting crystal growth by the Cabrera-Vermigli mechanism.
  • Sparingly soluble salts stabilize in a state close to dissolved, and form an ultrafine amorphous non-precipitating suspension.
  • They have a sufficient margin of efficiency regardless of the level of recharge, complexity and features of the system.
  • «Atlantic Barque»® reagents are environmentally friendly (biodegradable) and consist of components that fulfill MPC standards for reservoirs of fishery and household use.
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