Industrial reagents and dispersants

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01 «​Atlantic Barque»​®

«Atlantic Barque»® reagents and dispersants are used to remove scale, mazut, oils, deposits and salts, fatty and non-greasy compounds, including microbiological fouling.

This line of industrial detergents is successfully used:

  • at metallurgical enterprises during washing operations: quartz filters, coolant supply systems;
  • at fuel and energy enterprises when cleaning reservoirs, tanks and pipelines;
  • at power plants for cleaning heat and power equipment and technological equipment;
  • in public utilities for cleaning heat-exchange and water-heating equipment (boilers, boilers, heat exchangers, heating systems).
  • Low dilution rate (from 0.25 %).
  • High quality cleansing (up to 99 % contamination).
  • Retain equipment parts (contains corrosion inhibitor).
  • Fulfill MPC standards for reservoirs of fishery and household use.
  • They work in water of any hardness and at low temperatures.
  • They have pronounced reactionary properties in relation to cemented and coked sediments.
  • They have dispersing properties that impede the process of secondary pollution.
  • When heated, does not emit toxic vapors.
  • Waste solutions are discharged into a standard factory sewage system.
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01 «​Atlantic Barque»​®
MPC Values
Fulfill MPC standards for reservoirs of fishery and household use.
not less than 90 %
The degree of purification from contamination.
pH 2-13
A wide selection of detergents.
02 Technologies and solutions

We have extensive experience in resolving issues related to flushing and cleaning equipment.

The results of using «Atlantic Barque»® cleaning reagents can be divided into three components:

  1. Short-term results: quick cleaning of equipment, maintaining a clean system.
  2. Medium-term results: reduced equipment downtime, compliance with environmental requirements for discharges.
  3. Long-term results: preservation of equipment parts, reduction of repair costs, increase in production quality.

Cleaning reagents have foam and foamless modifications and can be used in various ways:

  • manual washing: soaking, wiping, foaming;
  • automatic washing: jet, ultrasonic, bubbling;
  • circulation washing: cleaning a closed system.

We are ready to select the optimal modes to achieve the best customer result.

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03 Composition «​Atlantic Barque»

The composition is a concentrated industrial detergent, the dilution of which achieves maximum effect and savings.

Method of issuance: powder and liquid.

pH: acidic (0-6), neutral (6-7), alkaline (8-12).

Element 1
Acid components: a balanced mixture of organic / inorganic acids and surfactants to dissolve solid deposits.
Element 2
Additive package for chelating washed suspension and corrosion inhibition.
Element 3
Alkaline components with surfactants for removal of organic substances, degreasing and passivation.
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04 Laboratory testing
04 Laboratory testing
Chemical analysis of deposits determines the specificity of the dispersant

Our research and practical experience allowed us to select the optimal dispersant formulations.

In particular, Customers often face the problem of dissolving oxides:

  • iron (hematite, magnetite, spinelids, phosphates);
  • copper (tenorite, ferrite, phosphate);
  • silicon (quartz, silicates, phosphates);
  • aluminum (spinelides);
  • calcium (carbonates, sulfates, phosphates);
  • organic deposits (humic acids).

The most difficult to dissolve are deposits based on trinardite, wollastonite, anhydrite and barite with a high admixture of dense organic sediment (more than 35 %).

The oil refining industry has difficulty removing Heavy oil deposites, asphaltene sediments and mazut.

The solutions to these problems lie in the composition of the «Atlantic Barque»® dispersant line, and we are ready to share this expertise with you.
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