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Source: Source: Specialized Russian industry publication “ROADS OF EURASIA”

In the road sector, «Rossilber»® Company devotes its activities to the development, testing and production of innovative chemistry for roads, as well as after-sales service for its use.

Success is facilitated by the fact that in our laboratory it is possible to simulate alternating loads on asphalt,as close as possible to real life conditions.We can accurately predict the quality of road surfaces to the desired level.

“When beginning the development of our products, we decided to study all the recipes of mixtures from the 1980s and see how they comply with the new standards. For this, we created a model of impacts on the asphalt concrete pavement.

Our goal was to study the problem of “bad roads”. Having modeled it, we were able to understand which additive, with the existing quality of bitumen and gravel, will allow us to achieve a good final quality of road pavement, ” - a quote from the article.

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